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TM NGRS upgraded vs “Tack” PTW

Hey all I’m stuck between these 2 guns. They are priced similarly.

Ptw pros : quick change cylinder - get a 416 upgrade body kit - easily to maintain
Cons : expensive af - not as reliable bolt stop system - misfeeds common- motor issues - have to send to Tack once a year for service - have to clean it often

Tm pros : reliable as hell - cheaper mags - bolt stop reliable - never misfeed- cheaper - swappable FPS (not as easy as ptw but still easier with 2 inner barrel builds ) - motor isn’t gonna break anytime soon - don’t have to service it or maintain it nearly as often.
Cons - not as good externals as cnc aluminum kit - not 1:1 -

I live in the states and play indoor and outdoor so swappable FPS is nice to go from 350 to 400!
With a TM I can do 2 inner barrel builds and swap them depending where I am playing.

So yeah what would you guys do in this situation?

Thing to consider is eventually Tm will get an upgraded body!

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