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TM VSR-10 Is it worth it? Upgrades

I want to get a VSR-10 to upgrade. I have three choices.

I can buy a Well MB 03 for $170 Cad from a local store.
I can order a JG Bar-10 [with a scope I don't need] online for $250 Cad.
I can buy a TM VSR-10 G-spec from a local store for $420 Cad.

I eliminated the MB 03 because of upgrade issues.
Is there advantage to paying an extra $170 for the TM?
Could I save a bit on initial upgrades?
Does the TM have a decent stock cylinder?
Does the TM have a better stock barrel than the Bar-10
Is the hop up good enough for now and better than the bar-10 hop up?
I heard the TM has a decent hop up but with a 90 degree trigger and piston upgrade will that be enough to use heavier BB's with the stock hop up?
Thanks for any feedback?
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