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Originally Posted by Nathan.g View Post
Interesting - I will give it a shot. When you say file the trigger or gearbox, where exactly would I look to file the trigger? On the top where it catches the shuttle?
You can either file the top of the trigger so that the trolly can fall back into place with the trigger or the back of the trigger where it meets the gearbox.

If we're looking at my video where the right is the nozzle and the left is the bearings, the back of the trigger would refer to the protrusion on the left where the trigger meets the gearbox and stops the trigger from going all the way forward.

It sounds like you have spare triggers to experiment so do it on the one that's stock to make sure it works.

File it too much and the trigger won't push the trolley far enough to make contact. Too little and it slips off. A lot of experimenting will probably be needed and lucky for me a trigger swap worked for me so I didn't have to do that.
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