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AEG tappet/shuttle problem

Hey everyone,

Iím have no a weird issue that I have not encountered before and I am at a dead end. I purchased a modify torus gearbox, transferee all my internals, everything was peachy. Then, the back stop of the trigger blew off (not sure why). Since that point, I have been having a problem that resides in what has to be the shuttle slide / tappet plate (both Modify).

When I pull the trigger, it will pull the piston back about 3 or 4 teeth, then I lose all battery power. It feels like the shuttle is getting caught and not returning so the trigger is not even touching the shuttle after the first trigger pull. Up until I put the motor in the grip, the trigger works fine, motor spins, shuttle returns. I tried a few different triggers, swapped out the springs, and I was thinking a short might have been the problem so I re wired and still, same issue stoppingng the piston in the same place. I have not been able to get a single full cycle.

Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated. Very close to just purchasing a mkii at this point.

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