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When to cut your losses and move on?

I was cleaning out my shop preparing to move houses and found my ancient (circa 2007) JG M733. This is one of the old school M4 models with the shiny plastic body and horrible two-piece plastic hop-up.

The internals pretty much need a full overhaul to get it up to modern standards. I figure I can save the gears and tertiary gearbox parts but will need (at least):
- New spring & guide
- New motor
- New wiring & electronics (electronic trigger & mosfet)
- Possibly new piston & cylinder if damaged

Then there is the ancient hop-up system and body that is incompatible with all 1-piece M4 hop-up units. Not even sure if I can get parts for that anymore. The gun, if in full working order is worth less than $200. I'm looking at at least that in parts and also assuming I can somehow tune-up the air seal issues.

The rational side of my brain says "forget it, cut your losses and part it out" however I'm overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia for the thing since it was my first AEG.

What do you think, worthwhile project or money sinkhole? Where would you draw the line?
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