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Of those, the Mayflower is the lowest quality, but probably the best suited to a new player, or the average player for that matter. There's a lot of molle on there, and the construction of the carrier and cummerbund are good-enough. The kangaroo pouch is pretty lacklustre in my opinion however, as anything other than STANAG mags have the capacity to get caught while trying to draw.

FC and PD are excellent companies, but designed for someone with more specific tastes, especially with Perroz. The FCPC can be built into something along the Mayflower, albeit of a higher quality, but certainly a higher price point to boot.

The Perroz LPSPC will be my next plate carrier, but likely not for Airsoft. With probably the simplest, and best cummerbund of the three, and the ability to run my Haley Strategic D3cr chest rig attached to the front when I need more than a belt.
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