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I like the mayflower and banshee, smaller, less bulk, they also sit lower end of the pricing spectrum for the quality you get. It's a good tradeoff.

If you want to support the little guy, perroz and ferro do make nice stuff. Just keep in mind the more modularity you think you're getting, the more weight you might be adding, for example the exchangeable front panels, there's a few extra layers of material to facilitate the swap-ability of differently configured front panels.

I like the idea of less velcro if I were going with a PC. Loop side does tend to wear out over time, there's a limited number of times you can stick and tear. Elastic will eventually oxidize before the cordura will. Think old socks or underwear when the elastic gets crackly.

I personally like running chest rigs because they're lighter and less bulky and also less hot, it's much easier to manage body temperature. It's airsoft, there's no need to run plates, so it sort of negate the need for plate carriers.

That being said, it's however you want to look.
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