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Plate Carriers - Never used one, opinions?

Hey guys,

For as long as I have been playing I have been using chest rigs for the longest while, and i'm looking to make the transition to a plate carrier. Due to the options on the market and the ability to integrate with my D3CR until I can get my hands on the type of pouches I would like to acquire, I have narrowed it down to 3.

1. Mayflower APC
  • Lots of molle space
  • Elastic ends to cummberbun
  • Integrated kangaroo pouch

2. Ferro Concepts FCPC
  • Very modular,
  • Tons of accessories
  • Canadian made

3. Perroz Designs LPSPC
  • Low profile
  • Minimalist
  • Option for custom work
  • Canadian made

All three are great options that have strengths in areas i'm looking for, just cant choose

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