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Which BB's are best from my local stores?

So I've been looking at bb's and reviews for hours now and I'm real split on what I should use. I got a bag of 0.25 bio GoldenBall Pro. I haven't gotten to play with them but shot them at targets and they seem fine. Someone also recommended Elite Force to me so then I started looking into them and saw multiple videos of people cracking both goldenball and elite force open and finding bubbles in them, elite force more than goldenball (although I'm not sure if these are GoldenBall's in the Black bag or the Pro's in the Green and Yellow bag). I've read that Bioval have really good accuracy and seeing them being opened they're really good quality as well, but they're not available at any local stores. Airsoft Gi has them but I don't feel like paying $30 for shipping so I'm staying local and these are the bb's I have to chose from.

AMP Armory
GoldenBall Pro
Mad Bull (I've read about some recalls on them)
Valken Tactical
and Elite Force

My other thing is I was going to order GoldenBall pro's from amazon but if they're actually not good I'll hold off. But seriously, the deal is great and I have prime so free 2 day shipping! 12,000 rounds $55, and I'm sure its legit. The listing is by GoldenBall themself.

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