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Originally Posted by waylander View Post
How much are you looking to carry on it? If you're a minimalist like I am for most games then I can highly recommend the LBX armatus in medium. I'm a 32/33" waist and there's plenty of cinch space left.
I'd like to stick with my original plan of running with 10-12 mid caps for my primary (the condor chest rig I bought came with 6 mag pouches built in and that's how I planned to get away with that initially). A dump pouch, four or five secondary mag pouches (two of which are located on a nylon drop thigh holster I'm looking at buying), an admin/card pouch, hydration bladder and maybe even a TMC modular assault pack. Oh yeah, and comms.

So basically not minimalist in the slightest with a kit more adapt for 9-18 hour milsim events.

I've been looking at this Pantac SPC and judging from the dimensions given on Redwolf's website it looks like it will fit me but jesus murphy it is pricey:

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