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I showed that the EF mag fed fine with EF BBs and BB Bastard 0.20 double polish BBs as shown in the video. Then showed they jammed in the same EF mag and two other different brand midcaps. I can assure you if I reloaded those same mags with the control BBs, after I unjammed them (which took me 15mins after the video was over), they would feed just as fast at the start of the video. This is actually what I did when I played Aug 9. The BBs jammed, I unloaded them all and reloaded them with 0.25 BBs from a friend and my mags fed those fine.

I tried to make the video as scientific as I could for the nay-sayers and doubters out there.

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every elite for mag I've ever tried was crap, hence why I do not use them and only the brands I listed.

question you did not show this in the video, but after the frags "jammed" did you reload one of the other two again to recheck?
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