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BB Bastard 0.30 FRAG BBs Video Review

Before going out and buying a 10k box of 0.30 BB Bastard FRAGS like I did, please watch the video review below. The 1 polish BBs do not like midcaps of multiple varieties and would jam. You can see faint mold lines and they have a dull surface compared to other brands of BBs. On top of that, there was zero customer service. I bought these for the Aug 09 weekend and after no response from both companies (HeroOutdoors and BB Bastards), decided to do a video review yesterday.

I wanted to add this note: BEFORE YOU POST WITH SPECULATIONS, PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO. I compare the BBs with 2 other unopened brands as a control and also use 3 different mid-cap magazines to show you it's not just a specific brand of midcap.

Sept 28, 2014 UPDATE: I was able to get a hold of a representative from BBBastards and discussed the situation. I sent them a couple of pics of the opened product and a local rep came and took the FRAGS. We got our money refunded and were given three 2000 bags of their 0.30 Premium Double Polish BBs. I'm satisfied with the customer service results and hope that they are able to resolve the issue with their 0.30 FRAGS. I'd be happy to try them out again.

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