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Originally Posted by Zack The Ripper View Post
Well deserved necro.

If I make a sale post, list the price as FIRM, AND put a large disclaimer at the top of the post in CAPS with *** at the beginning and end of the statement which asks you to read full sale post and not to offer any less than the firm asking price, don't NOT read that statement and NOT follow the simple instructions asked of you.

As well, don't start the discussion saying you want to buy my product, ask me if I still have it, I reply with an Afirm, and you then say you want to pay 20% less than the price I'm offering, ESPECIALLY when my asking price is half the retail price, not including taxes and shipping which would actually make my asking price less than 50% of retail cost.

AND THEN, don't proceed to argue with me saying you can get said product brand new for only a small amount more than I am asking when that price is from an infamous US retailer that has extremely high shipping costs and is known for having shipments seized at the border, AND THEN when I point all of these facts, continue to argue with me about what a fair price is. If you really could get the product for that low of a price you would have done it already stupid.

You are dumb if you do this. Very, very dumb. You are such a dummy that you put your dunce cap on inside out and backwards and let everyone know in the process. So check yourself before you wreck yourself, big dicks in your ass is bad for your health. Stay black, and stay away from my sale threads. But stay black, that's most important.
Soooo. Was all this just a clever ploy to have all of us look up the gun in question?
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