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I'm not buying this whole propriety thing. No pun intended.

I'll use KWA as an example because that's what I have.

When you hear "proprietary parts" don't assume they're hard to find because they're not. I did a search and found both a KWA gearbox and a King Arms gearbox in approx. the same amount of time - One on amazon and one from the proshop at KWA.

Parts from the KWA proshop are pretty much the same price as other brands found on amazon or within a reasonable range. I did not compare all components but things like grips, hop ups and gearboxes were no cause for concern - a max of 15$ more for the gearbox.

As a KWA owner I'm not worried about not being able to fix or upgrade my rifle, and while I would say the proprietary issue is something to "consider" - it's good to be an informed buyer - it's not nearly as much of an issue as it may appear.

Check for yourself. Hypothetically try and buy every part. Compare prices, ponder....profit??
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