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Originally Posted by ap27 View Post
^Indeed! What I meant is that over here we can avoid the clearsoft stuff by following the firearm method. And because of the firearm classification we get a bonus of real trades and no orange tip.
Just realized, clearsoft guns would be classified as toys. Even if their velocity puts them in the Replica firearm range, they're not really replicas if they're clear plastic and look different from actual guns.
Guns in the US aren't banned because of trademarks per se. Trademarked guns are banned because the majority of then are NOT licensed trademarks and are in violation of trademark laws. As long as the trademarks are legally licensed and the gun has an orange tip, it doesn't matter. Classic Army in the US have always had their trademarks, because they were legally llicensed by Armalite and B&T. Others like WE, JG, etc were not licensed so trademarks are illegal, hence blank receivers.

And the ATF went berzerk over a bunch of WE GBB rifles not because of trades, but because they claim they can be modified to fire live ammunition.

Our laws in Canada have absolutely no relation with trademarks. A 1:1 "replica" M4 shooting under 366 fps will be considered a replica regardless of whether it has trademarks, a blank receiver, or bogus "zombie hunter" trademarks.

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