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I posted that on another forum but I guess more opinions can't hurt! This is my planned kitlist for my MSOB late 2009-early 2010 (my refpics are mainly from nov 09 to feb 10). Opinions are welcome. I'm still missing some of that stuff, either on its way or that I still need to order.

* are replicas.

MICH2000*, painted FDE-ish
Norotos 3-hole, unpainted
Norotos TATM long, unpainted
VIPIR (screwed on with the rear harness screw)
1in IR square on top
Surefire HL1 tan
Skydex Straps & fixations
Skydex Pads
FDE-ish paint
Callsign painted on the side (parallell to the ears)

1st line
Spec-Ops Gear Rigger's belt (tan)
CSM Dump pouch
Blade-Tech 1911 noir + peinture FDE-ish unie
3x .45 mags on a dive belt adapter
Gerber multitool

2nd line
(setup isn't defined yet, but it'll all be FSBEII. MBITR will be on the front right cummerband, with antenna on the back wired withs the MAST. I'll probably have the Nimvarus on the internal flap (front panel, behind the cummburbund)
IR flag on admin pouch

3rd line
None planned for now

Oakley gloves* tan
Bates USMC 8XXX (forgot which model #, but they're the Goretex ones)
Woodland MARPAT MCUU with IR flag on the left, flightpatch on the right

MSA Sordin*
TEA Universal*
MBITR* (United Star)
Blade antenna* (United Star)
M-Frames Ballistic 2.0 (smoked lens)

CQBR 10.5*
Crosse 5 pos (standard, not crane)*
ARMS #40*
AN/PEQ-15* (will be swapped for PEQ-16)
ASAP plate (it is that wrong?)
SpecterDR* + Adapter + Docter*

1911 MEU


As far as the sling goes, I don't want the CSM CIRAS sling and I want to replace my current MS2. I was thinking of the VTAC or Vickers slings... Ideas?


To be honest I wanted my kit to be as modern as possible while still being CB (and documented with pics as much as possible)

Opinions, insults, comments and wedding requests (in case there's such thing as a female geardo) are highly encouraged.
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