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ICS L85/SA80 Rails and adapters...


I've gone and purchased myself an ICS SA80 (L85A2). But I must say, without a suitable optic or rail system I feel a little bit dated.

The SUSAT, while a fine piece of equipment for the 90's, is virtually phased out in favour of an ACOG or Eclan.

Trouble is: where on Earth (well, Canada) can I find an adapter for the 19mm dovetail to 20mm picatinny?
I'm not a fan of the hornbill riser at all, it's way too high to then mount an ACOG.

Then, who's been brave enough to find and fit a Daniel Defense rail to it? I know madbull make one (costing more than the real deal) but I hear their fitting can be problematic for certain makes.

I will update if I find any answers, but please... If you intelligent lot have any info I'd be grateful.
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