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Originally Posted by The Saint
This warning is especially valuable to me, since I'm going to be installing a new barrel soon and *was* going to perform the air seal test looking into the mag well. Now I won't be looking and will probably wear gloves (hit to the finger tip will still hurt!).
Make sure you put some oil in first, even if you are using the same hop up rubber. It helps a lot (hey, if the manuals say to spray silicon oil spray into the loading nozzle once in a while............... bah, most of us are men and don't read manuals!!! )

Originally Posted by Raygis LasVegas
HAHAHA! That is so funny! It had that happened to me while I was fixing Krookedatmosphere's gun.
Ok, tha's one guy who's name I wouldn't be calling out in a hurry to provide cover fire for me at a game! At least it's pronouncable once remembered. Try calling out to "IM13374shur" (or others who make cool online names that protray their retardedness) in a hurry! Pftt, anyone say chairsofter?
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