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I don't have an issue with Chinese made guns in general, but I do with this specific model of DBOY HK416.

The magwell and the magazine are sized in a way that if you insert some magazines into it, the magazine will either not align right with the feed tube of the hop-up unit causing a no-feeding, or the magazine will push the hop-up unit forward enough to cause a double feeding.

And by some magazines I mean all of my AR magazines (mostly King Arms and CYMA) except the hi-cap one that come with the DBOY HK416.

I thought I fixed it by replacing the hop-up chamber and shim the new chamber... I was wrong, and I didn't find out untill I was on the field wanting to use it. Had to use my backup gun (a gun with CQB FPS) for a outdoor field that day, not very happy experience.

Maybe a slightly longer nozzle, or some filing on the tappet plate will fix the problem for real, but I don't currently have the time nor space to try it.

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