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I've managed to find all the missing parts you need, but they come from all over internationally.
My advice to you, missing all those external G36 Gearbox parts would be to buy a replacement gearbox. I'll keep searching for any other spares and I'll update post and PM you what I find...

Seems like you're right, that's a standard V3, probably from an AK (minus the selector gears), the original owner slapped a G36 selector on and thought: "job done!".
As for the manufacturer, it could be anyone. Irrelevant really. They're mostly compatible. The gearbox you want (with the upper mount) is built to the original TM spec.
I seem to recall working on a brand that didn't use the upper rear mount, this is not it.

Regarding your selector, it's hard to invisage your problem, but I don't think the plate is responsible for the shifting of your fire select. In your first image, the cut off lever is engaged. This would be SEMI or SAFE (if you had the parts for safety). The second image, the cut off is disengaged and therefore in AUTO. Long and short: the selector plate is doing it's job.

If you can't turn the selector any further clockwise into AUTO, maybe you need to check the selector switch is set up correctly, are you sure you've got the right switch on the right side?
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