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short answer is yes bio bbs have greatly improved over the years. my preference for the heavy weight bios is tamashi .35's or .4's they are triple polished, uv is what deteriorates them, they are white, and i have yet to have a single jam on them. havent had any issues with them at all. out of a total of 100 random bbs, (10 per bag and the bags i had held 500 bbs each) i have yet to find a single air bubble in any of them in any form. i have yet to find a single imperfection on the surface of any bb, and overall, in my opinion, they are better than the madbull heavy weights, we heavyweights, and any others ive come accross.
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mk43, ump.45, p90, barret, m14, g33, k98, m4 tac, m4 swat, mp5 navy, vsr10, p226, m9.
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