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Haha-- I hear you on the heavy investment. (funny)

But I was referring to the clearance on the nozzle. I found this out the hard way as even the ICS dealer did not know the nozzle on the M4 was specific to the M4. It was only when we were trouble shooting (so to speak) at the store we actually did a comparison.

Another M4 upgraded nozzle.

The upgraded made the gun misfeed and jam. Then we swapped to stock...boom....perfect feed.

Then we looked at the m4 nozzles and surprise surprise....the ics is shorter.

Like TM they have there own spin on things.

All I am trying to say is that gun is not something that you can mix and match easy at all.

Either way, sound like you are closing in on the warm motor lipo draw for sure.

Hope to hear how it turned out.


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