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Kit for 2014 - Suggestions, Comments?

My kit isn't really an imitation, it's mostly comfort.

I can carry up to 10 M4 mags on my person at one time.
1.5L Hydration Pack inside my MAP pack.
1x Banger Pouch
1x Radio Pouch
1x Wouxun KG-801 A/B
1x 2 Slot M4 mag pouch on side
1x Silencer Pouch on side
1x MedKit/Utility pouch on side
1x LBT 6094A Coyote Brown
1x Elastic M4 3 Slot mag pouch
1x Inner M4 3 Slot mag pouch
1x New U94 PTT
1x Admin pouch

SO What do you think?

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