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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
I think what Cobra meant is that when the DoB on the profile doesn't match the AV DoB it gets the submission flagged and then... well... bureaucracy happens.
the last time that happened I think the person had to wait for the age verification info to be rejected, then either the AVer or the person waiting to be AV'd contacted each other to correct the info, and then I think the person had to wait until the next batch of verifications was done, so what like 3-4 weeks?

Originally Posted by Issei View Post
multi if u dont like it dont post easy as that
your attitude needs a serious adjustment.
you do realize that Age verifiers don't have to submit your info let alone meet with you,
not to mention there is a "Do not verify list", if you think I'm joking feel free to ask any age verifier.
Also if an Admin/Mod feels that you are being a colossal asshat they dont bother updating your info, or take it away, or play silly games with your username I.E Mike Litoris, Shirley, etc...

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