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Though I feel a little bad about bumping the topic again, I am curious about an aspect of cylinder and nozzle design, and am hoping someone can set me straight.

I understand the ported/unported, volume matching, and loss characteristics of the cylinders discussed in this topic, but I was wondering why nozzles are not pressure sensitive. That is to say, when the piston comes forward, it ejects a bit of air through the port (if there is a port) to help acceleration and create a more aggressive pressure curve. If this is the reasoning, then why are nozzles not designed with a pressure-sensitive valve designed to snap open at the right time, dumping pressurized air faster than the piston is capable? Would that not create an even more aggressive curve (as pressure waves travel at the speed of sound) than letting the low-pressure air push the BB down the barrel for the first couple of inches? Or would you have pressure loss around the BB greater than the effect of a slower acceleration as it tries to overcome inertia?

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