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Originally Posted by Hortons Heros View Post
you know it's funny I was just going to send a PM right to you instead of posting...

Do you recomend a certian size for zip ties? How far into the OSB do you drill and approx what size bit? Do you ever have problems with the zip ties pulling out of the holes (ripping the OSB)?
30 cm to 40 cm zip ties.. the best quality you can find .. I buy only made in Canada or made in USA ties as I have had very poor results with lower quality.. they have to be nylon ties plastic just snaps .. as it is .. ties have to be replaced regularly.

Drill a 1/4 inch hole 2.5 cm in from the edge.. I have had no issues with tear out the tie fails before the hole rips out.

you need 4 holes minimum .. 6 may be better 1 foot apart

about half the panels are painted.. the rest are natural.. I like the painted ones much better.. but it adds to the cost ..

We also made a bunch of half walls by cutting some sheets to 4 x 4

its a good system.. that has served well for 4 years now.
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