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Originally Posted by Hortons Heros View Post
The NIA is running indoor gaming again this spring and I am looking to use a different set-up for walls. We used plywood and put some simple framing on so that we could hinge them so they were free standing.

Here are some videos that show our idea.

I am looking for pics and videos of other clubs walls for better ideas than what we are using. I should not that our walls must be set-up and taken down after each day we play so portability is a big deal to me.
At TTAC 3 we use a "reconfigurable wall System" composed of 3 4x8 OSB panels with 4 holes drilled down each side.. the panels are attached together with zip ties. We have 20 3 panel units which enables us to create pretty much any configuration we want.

Some panels have windows cut in them.

the 20 units stack up against the wall taking up a pace about 4 x 6 feet when not in use.

they are very portable, one person can move and set up the panels.

when set up you can tie the units together with one zip tie .. which makes the structures very stable.

Tehy take a reasonable amount of bumping.. but you can;t go bouncing off the walls. ( not that you should be anyway)
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