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I have rubber mats if I need to power anything up to test. But realistically, there is virtually no PTW user or tinkerer that's going to need to remove all the boards from the gun to test them. Mostly all your testing can be done with the components in the gun. I'm not concerned one bit of stray voltage on a board discharging. Set the board itself on a mat.

Voltage present at switch board can be tested with the board on the bench, but it's in heatshrink anyways. This is mainly for assembly and disassembly. You know when to and when not power up a board, as do I. But usually the boards I have to power up don't cost a measly couple hundred dollars and don't rely on 12VDC or less.

You can make your own anti-static strap for basically nothing. Wrap some fine-strand wire around your wrist and bond yourself to your workbench, which itself should be bonded to ground.
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