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Originally Posted by bruce
Lucky shit you are. Glad to hear you're OK.

When I have to look down a barrel, I always point a light into the bb feed tube in the Armalites. It'll tell me if there is still a bb in the inner barrel if I can't see the light when looking down the barrel.
Ya, I do that too. Just I got shot out of the loading tube (thinking about it now, I didn't call my hit............ damn!) I shine a light inthe loading tube to look down the barrel to see if the hop up works and whatnot, and occasionally to check for blockage, but I saw the BB sitting in the chamber, pointed the gun in a safe direction and pulled the trigger......... SMACK!

Eye still sore this morning, bruised for 3/4 of my eyelid and slightly swollen. Sandra finally noticed it before I left for work, so decided to get her to take a pic of it to post here for ya.
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