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There's an actual Shuey Custom compensated slide set available:

If you're thinking about doing a comp... do the proper set. Don't mix and match. I mean... you could, but then the way the compensator mates with the slide will just look like an afterthought, as a large seam will become present as the muzzle of standalone slides are beveled. Matched slide sets with compensators will have a flat cut to it to provide a seamless transition from the slide to the compensator and looks a hell of a lot cleaner.

Although, if you're looking to maintain the use of iron sights, then you don't really have any option, except to do the separate purchase of slide/comp/comp-barrel, because these compensated slide sets don't have a dovetail cutouts to accommodate front or rear iron sights. They're designed to be used with electronic dot sights, and the rear dovetail is replaced with a custom cut for a cocking handle.

Also, you don't really have much choice in terms of iron sight options... you can only get Hi-Capa 5.1 rear sights or..... Hi-Capa 5.1 rear sights. :P Nothing else is compatible. However, in that category, there are various aftermarket fixed "wedge" combat sights as well as adjustable sights. Some with fiber optics, some are just standard iron blades. I have a pile of options in hand.

You'll also need to change out to a Hi-Capa style blowback unit, as your original blowback unit won't fit a Hi-Capa slide. This will also mean a required change of your nozzle and floating valve assembly.

You will also likely need to change out to a full length recoil rod setup, which also means requiring a change of your hop up chamber...

Unfortunately, it's not so easy as just a simple slide swap with your particular platform.

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