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It's still my Army 1911, but I'm planning to start swapping the slide next month after my credit card flips, so I've got a lot to deal with on it. New slide, for one, new bbu, sights (still unsure of type and style), inner+outer barrel, and I'm thinking of using a compensator but I'm not sure how it'd look on the Shuey Custom slide. If it doesn't fit at all on my pistol then I'll have no choice but to get a new frame, but I really like how mine feels right now, so I'm really hoping the slide will fit without too much issue. I don't care if it's got a little wiggle room, but I will if it jams up on me or if it just bounces constantly... Otherwise, as long as the parts I want to buy are compatible with the Shuey Slide Custom, then I'm happy. I think for now I'll run it without a comp, just to simplify the whole thing a little more. At least until after I get the slide and see how it looks.

Nice thing is, all the parts I'm buying are going into the slide... so if the slide doesn't work on my current frame... I could always just put it onto another one that does fit. In theory, anyway. I want to stick with actual 1911 frames, not hi-capas, since I bought several magazines for it.
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