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Originally Posted by kar120c View Post
My TM Desert Warrior (1/2 Meu and 1/2 HiCapa 4.3) left stock for now, works very well but with an issue.
The hop up seems to be not very able to hop the bb's.
To obtain a straight shot with 0,20 bb's I must rotate the wheel 3/4 hop and it is almost impossible to shot straight with 0,23 or 0.25 bb's .
I have another TM Pistol, the Detonics which shots very well up to 0,25 bb's so I think my DW has some issue.

Taken apart all the hop up system I haven't found any visible defect so I cleaned and rebuilt.

I think that the issue should be the oil of the piston lubing or the oil of the green gas I use that "lube" the hop rubber

So this is an Upgrade Modifications forum, what parts should I buy to obtain more straight shots? My idea is to buy an new ho up rubber but I don't know what should be better for this pistol and a precision barrel but I don' know what diameter, 6.01 should be right?
All, leaving the pistol "full plastic" outside, I'm beginning to appreciate the lightness of a plastic slide in winter
Upgrade to the A+ hop up rubber. The performance from them is absolutely stellar, and they're quite resistant to silicon oil slip.
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