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Originally Posted by ardo View Post
Thanks, but I don't have a Hi-Capa, so the sight removal is a non-issue for me. I'm simply trying to replace a part of Tanfoglio adjustable rear with the same from a Hi-Capa pistol, and wanted to know if that part would fit.
You don't have a hicapa.


Your pistol uses hicapa-type internal parts, and overall design.
Basically the looks of the slide and frame is different, but inside it's the same.

Kinda like a Crown Vic and a Mustang. Different looks, same engine and frame.

So, to replace the sight of your Tango Folio Custom with anything, that is the way to remove it. Then any sight made for "hicapa 5.1" will fit.
Keep in mind that tolerances might not be the same depending on manufacturer and you might have to fit some parts.
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Damnit, don't make me add "no discussing temporal paradoxes" to the rules or I'll go back in time and ban you last week.
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