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Originally Posted by Kos-Mos View Post
Yes, that is PART of the rear sight.
You can remove all of it (and be left with a dovetail in your slide) by removing the spring guide and barrel assemblies.
Then remove the socket screw at the rear of the slide, in the hammer cutout.
This should let you slide the whole blow back unit down and out of the slide, with the nozzle. Careful, there is a small spring between the BBU and the slide that you must not lose.

Then the rear sight just slides off to any side.
Thanks, but I don't have a Hi-Capa, so the sight removal is a non-issue for me. I'm simply trying to replace a part of Tanfoglio adjustable rear with the same from a Hi-Capa pistol, and wanted to know if that part would fit.
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