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Originally Posted by durak View Post
any airsoftgun that isnt clear or opaque or otherwise made to not be a replica is illegal to import, purchase or own unless you can prove you purchased it before DEC 1998, that being said its not enforced.

what makes the current all black (i wont use full metal because not all of them are) legal to import is that they are modified by the manufacturer to shoot over 407 fps. this makes them uncontrolled firearms, it puts them in the same category of pellet guns, which are not regulated by the government other than you have to be 18 or older to purchase one in most provinces. as soon as they are modified to shoot below 407 FPS they again become replica firearms which are a Prohibited item.
*edit* supporting documentation:

replica firearms:

Air guns:

as I have already said, its mostly not enforced unless someone commits a crime. then you get into serious firearms charges. armed robbery and that sort of stuff.
Thanks for digging and posting.

The above issue is the one that makes me the most uncomfortable. It's no secret how cansoft stuff is regarded on this site (just look at some of the reactions to the recent arrival of cansoft TM pistols..). It's pretty clear that many players are in a firmly non-legit territory and that the prevailing attitude towards Cansoft coupled with "game legalities" are at extreme odds. It opens up a lot of liabilities for field owners and also presents a rather easy attack vector for authorities who are looking to stir the pot or make quotas or gain political capital.

Perhaps everyone should just start firing 407+ and the rules for protective gear and engagement distances can become stricter. Also, reinforced gearboxes ..
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