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The second vest is a replica of the current CF tac vest. It's junk. That is the most ill-conceived, poorly designed POS ever. Ask anyone who's served and used it, and they'll probably tell you the same. Avoid that one.

The second one is a surprisingly good vest for the cash. I've been using one for 3 years and it's very comfortable and quite durable. I prefer it over my CIRAS for comfort and load-bearing ability. I love the fact it has the integrated belt loops, so it alway holds up a belt with a heavy load of a holstered pistol, drop pouch full of empty mags, and other accessories. And with 6 double mag pouches, you have plenty of room for ammo.

The 2 real hits against it is that it's NOT modular, so you can't configure it for cross-draw as you want, and the webbing on the back is NOT MOLLE compatible. You actually have to cut some of the seams on the webbing in order to fit a MOLLE hydration carrier. But both are minor IMO. Once done, the hydration carrier attaches easily and securely. And as for modularity, I don't need it on that vest. When I go with a CF loadout, this is my vest of choice and it works perfectly for my needs.
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