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Z-140 alleviated titanium, Neuro charged assault model.

Hello all,
i'm new to the boards but have been reading this thread for a while. Quite an impressive ability to ID gun's from films. I have no idea what film the above rifle is from and apologize for asking this question before the above rifle is identified.
I had a Challenge for Rifle guru's.

I am both an airsofter and a movie prop collector. Some of us over at the replica prop forum are having trouble trying to identify the components used to make the Z-140; alleviated titanuim, neurocharged assault model from othe 5th element. Here are some pics... any help would be fantastic.

Some think the barrel is an M79 and others are of the opinion that the pistol grip is from an AK. Can anyone on this board help us ID the pieces of this prop rifle? We know that the mags are from an AK but having trouble I'd-ing the rest.
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