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i will not pretend to know how difficult it is to get an AEG shipped into canada. i don't know what your laws require. We do have it set up where out of towners can ship their AEGs to the admins to have them delivered to the field, and we will ship them back. whether that works with canada or not, i wouldn't know. The other option is to buy a Kalash for this event, and afterwards, sell it on ebay in the US. they are like $140 new, shipped to my door. Point is, if this is something you really want to do, don't let the little stuff get in your way. i will do what i can to help, and i only live an hour from the field this year (i know i lucked out)

Bicolline looks like it would be a ton of fun. very impressive attention to detail. the admins wanted this event to be reenactment meets airsoft, and as former US army, i can assure you they have achieved it. Check out their web site and forum, and if you think you want to make it happen, we'll help.

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