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We need east bloc players!!

I wanted to make you guys aware of a large scale NATO vs. Eastbloc milsim that is happening in March. i went last year and it was the best airsoftgame i ever attended. if there are any questions, i would be happy to answer them.

Flash Traffic:
Status – Urgent
Classification: DECLASSIFIED
To: NATO and EAST BLOC forces.

Build-up for Operation EASTWIND II has initiated.

OPERATION EASTWIND II will commence on and conclude on 22 March 2009. *

Near Columbia, Missouri. (400 acre field)

200.00$ USD. (Includes field fees, mess accommodations (meals), and up to 9 days of the most immersive airsoft game held in North America. This means there are no other on-site expenses. $200 covers you the entire 9 days - no hidden gotcha fees at all)
Game play continues 24 hours a day for the duration of the event.

Registration Information:

Full term Registration begins 01 SEP 08.

Partial term Registration will begin 01 DEC 08.

There will only be ~50 open-registration slots per team. (Not counting commmand staff - total player cap set at ~130)

*Remember, you do don't have to come for the whole nine days (Although we'd like to see you in the field as long as you want to stay for!) you can register for as long or as short of a stay as you want. However, we are giving preference to those that wish to be there the whole time.

Additional registration information will be released closer to registration opening.

Travel Accommodations:
AIR Transport
Accessible via Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in St. Louis, MO ( and Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City, MO. (
RAIL Transport
Accessible via AMTRAK ( at St. Louis’s Union Station, St. Louis, MO and Kansas City’s Union Station, Kansas City, MO.
If using the above options, contact us and we will work transport to the EASTWIND II field.

Shipping Accommodations:
Pre/post-game shipping arrangements for gear/guns can be made upon request by those participants traveling by air/rail who do not wish to carry them abroad.

For additional information including gear requirements, rules and regulations and registration information please visit us online at

* While you are welcome to attend for as long as you wish between these dates, you do not have to come for the whole time to attend as a player. However, the price will be the same for one day or all nine.

An assortment of pics from the last EASTWIND.

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