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My order is at the local Canada Post for pick up today. I was not home yesterday when it came. It took about 9 days from Atlanta Airsoft to Vancouver BC.
The order was $115 us with $45 us for shipping. On the Canada post slip it has $39 owed which I assume is duty and taxes. $39 on a $110 order! Taxes, duty and a handling fee by customs.

My $120 order from Evike a few weeks ago had zero duty and taxes. I am assuming that Evike uses UPS from warehouse to your door while Atlanta uses the dreaded Canada Post once it crosses the border.
In the past when I use to order non airsoft items from the US, I noticed UPS never had duty for items around $120 or less but Canada Post always had duty.

My advice is to use Evike instead of Atlanta Airsoft. Shipping is quicker and a better chance of avoiding duty charges.
Better to buy in Canada but unfortunately hard to find stocked items.

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