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TDC Mod done, working fine, another problem still is making me trouble, big time.

The FPS just wobble arround between 340 and 430, not only that you can't really chrono it, you can't shoot precise, thanks to the different velocity at every shot one time the bullets goes far, one time short, one time up, one time down, but WHYYYYY?

Could it be because of the fact that there now is enough space between my piston and the piston cup? When I put in the Cradle Airsoft O-Ring Piston, the Cup didn't just slide on, it was rough, but now you can just put it up and down without the oring even having any resistance, anyone got a similar problem? FPS used to be alot more consistent in the past.

Mags are shimmed now, working fine, but the fps variations just are pissing me off so badly.
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