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since I wanted to replace my O-ring (external) on my filling valve, I was enable to find them in any store in Canada. I don't want to buy the entire fill valve but just the O-ring. All of them are missing on my mags. I check on google and I found this guy who replaced all the O-ring with Teflon tape (or plumber tape). It seems to work great. He even apply it on threads of the fill valve. I wonder if anyone here have already tried this technic?
Does it last Or I have to do the same thing every month. This solution would be super cheap in comparison to buy O-ring all the time. Anyway, I hope someone can give me his opinion on this.
You should be able to get replacement o-rings from a local hobby, hardware or plumbing store. Just bring the valve with you and see if they fit. Teflon tape will work, put there are no guarantees it will be more permanent than a lubed o-ring. Sealing it with something like blue gasket maker or silicone adhesive sealant should seal it forever, but also 'glue' the fill valve in... bad should you ever need to take it out. Personally, I'd just replace the o-rings.
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