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Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
With all due respect, you come here with questions;
There are 100% chances that a metric ton of us here have the answers you *need* (as opposed to *want*), with chances of flaming (this is ASC, there's no way around this :P)

So, stop using the word "but", it's bad for you, and hold on to your wallet a bit more. It needs just a liiiiitle bit more time get the fat it needs so you can buy something that's actually worth it.

There's always great deals hanging around, much worth waiting for. Airsoft is an expensive sport, and patience will help you save TONS of money, and time, and frustration.

Take that advice like a champ and carry on!

Cheers mate

Well said

Nobody posted advise to him for some kind of monetary gain. Just seeing the next post on a slow Tuesday night.

Dude who is looking to spend money.

Trying to steer him away from the countless other mistakes guys made in an ever changing market.

I.E. supply/demand; changes in FPS imports etc etc. All effecting what the average dude can get today vs a mere 24 months ago.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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