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I just bought a AGM MK2 Sten gun from Warcraft games on Friday (1st). It came with a 8.4v nimh battery that wouldn't work or last very long until I used my charger to condition it somewhat and now it works.
Used the Sten gun today out at the field with the OP-For club and cronyed at 246 fps on .20's which seemed really slow considering I was told it should be at around 390 ish. I only got in a half day (if that) with it and she blew up.

Once at home I was able to take the Sten apart rather easily only to find out that AGM is using a Version 7 gearbox type and found that the Sten had stripped the piston down to nothing as I only managed a few hundred rounds off with the 1 mag I had with it. (reloading under fire isn't fun!) lol
I also noted that some of the parts used are not V7 but looks like the Piston head for example might be a V6 or something.
Any suggestions on parts I should look at?
Most of the parts used are cheap plastic and I wish to replace all of it to get this baby back up and running.

That's what you said last time, Then look what happened!

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