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Originally Posted by Mr. inked View Post
now how is this compared to the WE GBB m4?
I heard that WE magazine leaked alot.

After having a KJW for so long:

+ Never had leaked magazines even after I took it apart and assembled it again
+ Bolt cycle always full and crisp until magazines empty
+ Very very very durable
+ No problems whatsoever since the first time I got it
+ Very minor upgrade for better accuracy and increased durability
+ Very loud sound when firing (this is just great)

- Recoil not as strong as other brand (but the ver.2 bolt have harder recoil so its not an issue).

Compared to other brands that I heard and read about, I think this is a hassle free, ready to use and a rock solid GBBR to date.

Guys using this free float rail, do I need to use the gas tube? Because the gas tube wouldnt fit. Thanks.

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