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Attempting to answer your question...

basically, which will last the longest
Depends on how you treat and maintain them. Not very long though, considering those are low-end GBBs

and which will be most effective at long ranges?
Neither, they're low-end GBBs that are effective out to ~30 feet. You will have to spend $1000 to get something moderately effective at moderate range.

i do mostly woodland type combat, so FPS isn't a problem.
So, if these guns shot 12 FPS it wouldn't be a problem? And you're ok shooting people with guns that shoot 2000 FPS?

i've heard the HFC has a tendency to break, but..... what do u think?
I think it has a tendency to break, it's a low end GBB.

i know airsplat shouldn't be trusted, but i already got a gun from them, and it came in fine!
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