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V3 gearbox help (G36)

Hi Everyone

Looking for some assistance on a G36 i recently picked up. I picked this up as a fixer upper with known issues as i wanted this to be a first airsoft rifle i could learn how to do tech work on (so i may use some wrong terminology for parts on here as im still very new to this). Seller said the previous owner had done internal work and when i got it the gun would fire in semi when on safe and full auto on semi. Selector would not go into full auto.

So i opened it up and removed the gear box (marked Taiwan, anyone know manufacturer). Upon looking at it i noticed a few things. It appear to be missing the front and top mounting points for a G36 gearbox and the trigger was very short (noticed this when i first got it). I think i have come to the realization that a previous owner put an AK gearbox in this G36 and thus these parts are missing.

I also noticed looking at pictures of g36 gearboxes that the issue i have with the selector might be related to the selector plate and the metal internal parts (i think its called the cut off). from what ive seen the channel on the selector plate that the selector lever is suppose to slide into when assembling the gun (selector on semi) should not yet be moving the cutoff when positioned just to the right of the gearbox tab that holds the cutoff. But as you can see in the pictures, i can only slide the plate far back enough to JUST clear the tab. Am i correct in assuming this is the issue? If so is this an issue with the plate or the cutoff?

As far as missing parts to get this to work in the g36, if anyone knows the names of the parts and/or where i can find them for a good price it would be appreciated. These are what i think i need:
-Top gearbox mounting point
-Front/lower gearbox mounting point
-the right side safety part

Your help is appreciated.

Thank you
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