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You need to put things into perspective. Like it or not, KJW is a value brand. In terms of reliability and performance, they're probably the best of all the value brands out there. But don't expect the same quality of materials and finish as you would on a high end brand. It's just not going to happen. There's a reason why KJW maintain a low price point. And it doesn't come from using top of the line parts or finishes.

If you want a high end, super-realistic looking pistol with impeccable finish, regardless of the model, then you're going to pay for that perk. If you want a particular model that functions well and won't break your wallet, that's where KJW comes in.

I had a KJW M9 that was my baby for several years. It had the shittiest shiny black finish on it that would wear off at nothing. But man, that thing was tough as nails and fired really well. To me, that was more important than the look. When I had the money to move up to a fully trademarked model with a realistic finish, I went for a UNC custom model. But I also paid through the teeth for it.
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