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KJW P226 Finish

I recently picked up a full metal KJW P226 and the first thing that came to my head when I saw it was:

Holy crap, this thing is shiny!

I dont know what KJW was thinking when they designed the gun as the real steel would be a more matte/flat black especially since this is the trademarked version (the grips arent that nice either).

I normally put the gun down on a table with paper on it and I picked it up today and realized that every time I took the gun off the table, it marks up the paper with black (the edges as I pick it up). I have put about 50 rounds through it so far and the internal paint is pretty much all coming off now (if I run a Q tip through any part, its usually black paint coming off).

I honestly expected this gun to have a more durable finish but maybe thats just me nitpicking.

Another thing is they spelled Exeter NH wrong on the trademarks; quite amusing, really.
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