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Originally Posted by Cliffradical View Post
.....<lots of good advice>....
..... if you're willing to drop $200 on something you should expect to throw away why wouldn't you just save another $200 and get something that can be fixed/ is worth fixing.
I'll add to this by saying that the clear $200 gun will be worthless after you buy it. So even if it doesn't snack on its own internals the first time you shoot it, it's worthless to anyone. You have a worthless piece of plastic you're stuck with after that and it's nothing but an expensive wall-hanger.

If you get a decent AEG, you'll use it and it more than likely won't break. And if you don't like airsoft after a couple of games, you can probably resell your AEG for a reasonable amount. So the loss you take is more along the lines of $50 to $75 - what it would cost you to rent an AEG for a couple of games anyway - rather than the full $200 for the cheap clear gun.
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